Quality Home Renovation by Potter Homes

Perhaps your lifestyle and needs have changed since we built your custom home. Or perhaps your tastes have changed. Whatever the reason our Renovation Services are ready to hear your new vision and make it your new reality.

We also renovate homes we did not build. Not only will we make the changes that you desire, but it will be done with the highest-quality materials and craftsmanship that Potter Homes is known for.


Offering renovation allows us to serve your needs holistically, by handling projects of all sizes for you.

How We Do It

The same attention to detail and quality that goes into a Potter-built home goes into our renovations. By using premium quality materials and highly skilled workers, we ensure that the quality is not just in the parts that you see, but in the structure concealed under the beautiful finish.

You can expect clear communication and scheduled milestones during your project. If we built your home, we want to serve you as well as we did during your construction. If you are new to our family, we want to welcome you right and earn your trust.

What We Do

Partial Renovations

Sometimes new lifestyles or new interests require changes to your home. Whether you want a skylight for more natural light in a room that will be your new studio, adding a bathroom, installing more efficient windows or converting a space into a home theater complete with a large screen and theater seating, Potter Renovation is ready for the task.

Full Renovations

Whether your needs have changed or just your taste has, we can take your existing home and update it completely with new surfaces, cabinets, flooring and lighting. In many cases, structural changes are possible. Tell us what you want and let us make you fall in love with your home all over again.

Commitment to Quality

Your renovation project is as important to us as it is to you. That means your project will be completed by skilled contractors that we have vetted and who uphold our standards. Premium quality materials will be used and no corners are cut. We always strive to make sure everything is clearly communicated to you and that you have a way to ask questions along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! And we will do it with the same level of quality and care as our new homes.

That will depend on the scope of the project. Our expert staff will be able to give you specific answers when we hear your project details.

Beyond the quality of the finished project, another advantage is that all of our sub-contractors are thoroughly vetted so we can ensure quality from start to finish.